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SQL Server

SQL Server system databases

Concise description of SQL Server system databases.

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There are 5 SQL Server system databases:

1. master

It is the system configuration database. It records all the system-level information for SQL Server such as logon accounts, linked servers and configuration settings.

2. model

It is the template database for all databases created on an instance of SQL Server. SQL Server will apply any changes made in model to new databases.

3. msdb

It is used by SQL Server Agent to schedule jobs and alerts.

4. tempDb

It is a temporary store for data such as work tables, work files and temporary tables table variables, tables returned in table-valued functions and coursors. This database is dropped and recreated each time SQL Server restarts, which means that any temporary tables will be lost when SQL Server closes down.

5. resource

It is a hidden, read-only database that contains all the system objects for other databases.
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